Painted Miniatures

By Sithious

9/7/15 Sculpting Smaug for game use.

So as many know, Games Workshop made Smaug in model form, he is Very expensive and a high level model assembly.  For game play one would not want to bring this display prize along to have someone slam their army into. So I am sculpting a workable and cheaper fill in.  I want to look as close to the film version as I can manage.  Within my limits so to speak. I found a dragon that fits the size I would like and picked it up as a armature for my sculpt.

So I am using a Safari LTD Mountain Dragon as my armature and base pose.

I have drawn from the Extended version appendix 10 dvd and may many sketches as to what I need to do.  First I have to work the armature into the correct form.


I think this will work well.  time to make thousands of scales and re-pattern this fella.  So update in a bit.  

Tested making belly scales in an area that will mostly be unseen so as to see how to refine it.


The models come to life with color. 

 Thanks for visiting.  I highly recomend checking out my Mordor Page, the Trolls page, well, most of the pages have some good work on them. I am always trying to get better and push myself.  Hope you enjoy the work.  check into my you tube channel as well JoshuaMaineaxe.  

Well, lets begin.

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