Painted Miniatures

By Sithious

The Fallen Realms





Many people do not like these models, not exactly sure they know why. They claim that it looks too Mongolian like, then in the same breath they claim they can get cheaper Mongolian models to use as a khandish army... which is it? do you want Mongolian models or not? I kid. So I am hoping that a few companies making Samaria models, Mongolian models, and other historics will allow me to add to this army.  For now it is all metal Games-workshop models and I like them all.

















The Easterlings have taken a long path.  Started out as just a three pack of metal warriors on foot and a captain and banner.  GW later added a 5 model cav unit in box which was nice.  Later they made a 20 model plastic warrior set, a 6 model plastic cav set.  And then also made several more command / hero models.  I like the original scheme so the whole force is done thus.











Watchers of Karna





 A karna sculpt in progress, I will be making another one or two, but this one was a learning practice run.