Painted Miniatures

By Sithious


Elves, just like Vulcans, they lack a lot of emotion, live long lives, and have pointy ears among other cultural similarities.




  legolas, one ring contest entry. 





 After pictures I fixed a couple stray strokes.  





Radaghast the Brown

So far, I have the metal original, the plastic that came with the starter set, and the Fine Cast version. They are all good models, I will most likely get the version of him on Sleigh with rabbits pulling.  Anyway, here is my first go. I have not painted good guys in a while. Radaghast Feb 4. 2014


 Finally got around to painting two more Haldir's elves. I like this scheme even if it does take a bit more work to neaten up. 



Giant Eagles

I painted inspired by golden eagles, they have so many great patterns of color.





 Based - went for my standard base look.  Someday I may learn how to make ultra cool bases, until then flock and rock.




 My crazy ent sculpt




Gandalf The Grey

Painted this from Games-workshop's The Hobbit Escape From Goblin Town.  Gandalf the Grey.