Painted Miniatures

By Sithious

Gundabad…. home to orcs.

Fell Wargs




 Here is a work in progress of new Bolg.













work in progress ^^
















 Torg the Bear Hunter - Conversion









 Torg Update

  Torg final







 Narzug.  Nice model.

















 As I paint up the warg I just sculpted above.  I am working on Torg foot version.  It is just the dead body from the kit and a hunter head and cloak sculpted on.  Just like the torg on warg I did.


 Painted version of the 5th warg I made a body for... 7 more to go (and 6 fell wargs still in package to do too).




 Torg on foot painted.








Gundabad Orcs

If you follow any of my other Orcs pages, well it is no surprise that I try to not have clones or two identical orcs if I can help it.  I have 36 gundabads of which there are 6 sculpts.  I have two captians of which there is 1 sculpt.  So, I plan to keep 6 gundabads and one captain as  released but the rest will be converted.  I started with the converting first.  Here are the first 4.




 a sculpted gundabad warrior.



 Now come the Hunter orcs.