Painted Miniatures

By Sithious

Sauron, The Dark Lord

The Dark Lord Sauron.




Nazgul - RingWraiths on wing, foot and mount

I have many versions of the Wraiths, the Nine as they are referred to. They were the Kings of Men that accepted rings of power from Sauron and one by one fell under his control.  Eventually they all became wraiths. So I have the generic wraiths, twilight versions of a few, fell beast versions of 5, and all the named version on foot and mounted.  I painted the Named versions up to have a bit of personal attire and colors (as any king would have).

Witch King


 Had a spare Witch King so converted to have both weapons.




The Undying




The Tainted




The Shadow Lord





Khamul, The Easterling.

The Knight of Umbar



The Dwimmerlake



The Dark Marshall

The Betrayer


Wraiths on Wings





Morgul Vale

 saved for Mouth of Sauron


Mordor Sights












Grond - Hammer of the Underworld