Painted Miniatures

By Sithious

Weapon Swap & Repair

Feb 5 2014

I wanted to post this tip. There are many new hobbyists out there that don't know what to do when a weapon breaks off.  Many will apply glue and deal, some will replace the entire weapon arm, some may even make a new weapon with card, some sculpting... there are many ways to fix this problem.  I am going to show you the repair method.  This allows you to use the original weapons and is very easy. This is also great if you want to learn how to swap weapons as it uses the same techniques.

step 1, discover your model has a weapon broken.

 Boo hoo.. my new model.  What do I do?


Step 2 drill hole in blade/weapon. 

above you can see.  use a pin vice and small drill bit (look on hobby sites) hand spin a hole the diameter of a pin or paperclip. only enough to get a bite on it.  

Step 3. Glue the blade onto a length of paper clip or pin or rod whatever you are using.  Then drill a hole in the weapon hand with the same bit.  

 Cool huh?  So the blade holds very well on this rod and the hole in the hand is deep enough to seat it.  Just be careful that you don't go crooked and break the hand.

 Step 4.  cut the blade rod down to the size you need to fit into the weapon hand. 

Step 5... well you can see.  This is a dry fit, that means I did not glue it yet.  Once you have a dry fit, you are not in a rush to glue it, you can paint the model (or repair paint if it is prepainted) or convert, sculpt whatever it is you are doing.  Then when it is a good time, glue the blade on.  perfect.  Thanks for reading - Sithious. 



White Dwarf Article listings

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Making WOTR Movement Trays

If you don't play table top battle games then this won't mean much to you.  If you do, well you know that it helps to have move trays for games.  With Games-Workshop's War of the Ring, it is a needed item.  The game didn't take off well, it is a good game, but needed a lot of tweaking and of course GW stopped after a year or so and didn't fix it and went back to SBG after a little bit.  But if you need to make some trays, here is a quick way.


 Step 1

 Cut a rectangle piece of 1/4" foam core board.  You can get a full sheet for about $2-3 at any of the major craft stores. Cut the piece with an exacto blade or hobby knife that is sharp (new blade) so you do not tear the foam which will happen with a dull blade. The size should be the size you want for the models you are using.  In War of the Ring case, you use the measurements provided in the rule books. Cavalry trays, Infantry Trays, Tray for the 9 wraiths as a unit, and a tray for siege bows.  So you really can make all the trays you need this way and if they do get damaged (highly unlikely) then they are cheap to replace.

 Step 2

Trace your base size as many times as needed in the locations you want to place the models on the tray.  In this case I am making a infantry tray with a 1" base.  I will place 8 of these circles on the base as 2 rows of 4.



 Step 3

 Cut through the top card layer.  !!!ONLY!!! cut through the first card layer on the initial cut, this will make it easy to only cut the foam in the next step so you don't cut through.  It is not the end of the world if you do cut throughout too.


 Step 4

 Now you should be able to poke in through the foam and feel the resistance when you hit the card on bottom. Reach that trace that circle again with the knife only cutting the foam layer.


 Step 5

 Poke your finger in there, don't be afraid you won't hurt it.  And dig out that little circle. You are separating the foam from the card on the other side.  Some Foam board is glued better than others, trust me you will know when you do an easy one then a hard one, but neither is difficult, just one is cake.





 Step 6

 You can start basing it right here if you want.  It can be used just like this also.  If you want to give it a little more strength and support to last many battles then you can wrap the edges and bottom in card stock.  Card stock can be a back of a notebook, or a cereal box or other packaging in card.




 Step 7

 Base it with PVA white glue (or elmers Glue all is cheap and works fine) and sand and flock.  Paint if to suit.


  Here are examples;



White Dwarf Article Listing

I started collecting LOTR models when Two Towers came out in film.  I just didn't know they were making them.  I then bought the Fellowship models.  It was not for many months before I learned about White Dwarf, I was not a kid either, so GW must not have advertised itself very well since I had never heard of them at all until the year 2000 yet I had been collecting models for 12 years by that time.  Think about that GW, you should revisit your advertisement policy cause you suck at it.

Here I have compile all the relevant articles in a time line of White Dwarfs.  This timeline make some things so very clear that if GW needed to know why sales dropped, it is all in these words right here. 

If you have issues I am missing and want to send me the info I need to add it, I will put you in as contributor and add your issues and whatever rants you have about that issue if any.

Note that these are US WD numbers, UK numbers are 1 issue higher.


issue 282 July 2003

Children of Durin - Introducing Dwarves, tactics

Scenario - The Rescue of Thrar

painting masterclass - Durburz, and Balin

Battle Report - Battle for the Dwarrowdelf

Denizens of Middle Earth - gamers models showcase

issue 283

Wraiths on wings - Rules for ringwraiths on fellbeasts

Scenario - They're Here

Denizens of the Dark - Tactics for using Moria Goblins

Scenario - The Second Hall

Fantasy Fellowship

Modeling Pillars of Moria

Fell Beast painting masteclass

issue 284

Rules of Character from Fellowship of the Ring for those that missed it and bought Two Twers.

Example: Bilbo, Haldir, Elendil, Isildur

The Long Defeat - Tactics article for High Elves

Elnaith (High Elf Cavalry) rules

Scenario - Gil-Galad's Hunt

Painting masterclass, Goldberry, Tom Bombadil, Barrow Wights,

making a barrow.

Scenario - Ride of the Ringwraiths, part 1 - osgiliath

issue 285

The Return of the King - preview of the new set

Scenario - The Butchers of Isengard

Painting Masterclass, Radagast, Glorfindel, Elronds Sons

The Wizards of Middle Earth - Tactics for Spellcasters

issue 286

The return of the King designer notes

Fit for a King - a review of the new boxed set (trend here?)

Heroes of the West - painting article, Aragorn, Eowyn, Legolas, Merry,

pippin, Faramir, Gandalf, Gimli, Eomer

Battle for Minas Tirith Battle Report

Q & A concerning ROTK SBG

Scenario, Ride of the Ring Wraiths, part 2 - The Gap of Rohan

A tale of Good and Evil, part one mustering forces

issue 287 - December 2003

Open War -Tactics for Return of the King SBG

A tale of good and evil part 2 - Making a gaming board

Scenario The Black Gate Opens -with Battle report

Rules for Landroval (giant Eagle) and Meneldor (Giant Eagle)

Scenario - Ride of the ringwraiths part 3, Slaughter at Sarn Ford

Scenario - Ride of the ringwraiths part 4, Amon Sul

Painting Mordor Orcs

Scenario - The Red Arrow

issue 288 - January 2004

War of the Ring - Lord of the rings SBG in a flash (more promoting)

War hosts

By the Blood of our People, Tactics for Forces of Gondor

Scenario - The Gathering Storm

A tale of Good and Evil part 3 - Expanding forces

Building Osgiliath ruins

The Land of Shadow - rules for games in Mordor, Gloom Chart, unnatural darkness, poisonous fume,

tangled thorns, gaze of sauron, Rogue Troll,

Scenario, Ride of the Ring Wraiths part 5 - The Ford of Bruinen

issue 291 - April 2004

Dark and Light - painting armies of middle earth

Eavy metal showcase

War of the Ring A clash of Arms Battle Report for in a flash game

Scenarios for in a flash games, 6 altogether.

Muster of middle earth, a guide to themed forces (before LOME)

pure force lists

The Darkness Dwells in Durins Hall - rules for playing games in Moria, Unnatural Darkness, again

No place for a pony, Ancestrial Realm, Crumbling Realm, Tremors, and gloom chart

The Defences must hold, Siege Tactics

Scenario - Retreat to Dale

A tale of Good and Evil part 6 - Assult on Minas Tirith

issue 292

Dark and Light - painting guide armies of middle earth (more)

Tale of Good and Evil - The Castle of Gondor, building walls, towers, Siege towers,

View from the Siege lines - More Wall building and gate house builds, seige towers again,  barricades,

Might of Mordor - Mordor Uruk hai and Easterling Seige Bows

Scenario - Corsairs of Umbar (again before they made corsairs)

The Elves of Mirkwood, rules for Thranduil, Mirkwood Capt., Warrior of Mirkwood,

Mirkwood Sentinel, Taurdirim,

Mirkwood Elf Tactics, named captains Tolfar and Sindri

Scenario - The Depths of Mirkwood


Building a Rohan Watchtower

issue 293

Painting Workshop, Creating and army of the Dead (conversions)

Scenario - She Hunts (shelob vrs orcs)

Modeling and painting Shelob

War in Middle Earth , rules for games in Mirkwood, Spiders, The Enchanted River,

 The Shadow is Strong, Tangled Undergrowth, Unfriendly eyes,

A tale of Good and Evil Additional Forces (some troll conversions before the plastic kit)

The Tower of Orthanc - Showing off this awesome piece of scenery

issue 294

Trechery at Sea - Painting and Converting Corsairs of Umbar (before they made them in plastic kit)

Battle Companies rules (first time)

Scenario - The Biter Bitten

Battle Royal - preview of Battle of Pelinor Fields Supplement

A tale of Good and Evil - Heroes of Rohan and the Witch King

Converting a dead fell beast

Conversion Showcase

issue 295

The Battle of Pelinor Fields review article

Painting the Haradrim

scenario/battle report Assult on Glamorgarth

Scenario - The Sands of Karna

A tale of Good and Evil - Rohan Royal Guard and Gothmog

Battle Companies - More rules

issue 296

Armies of the Serpent Lord - Showcase

More Harad color schemes

Offensive Oliphaunts - tactics with and against mumakil

Mumak Moving Template - full color

Modeling Workshop - Encampments, campfire, Cooking pit, weapon stacks, harad tent,

Rohan and Gondor Tent templates

Warhosts of the Baltimore GT

Battle Companies - more rules

A tale of Good and Evil - the Mumak

issue 297 - october 2004

Harad and Umbar - history by Mat Ward

Scenario idea's, The Uprising, The Kin Strife, Thorongils Raid

Order of the Hashirin - Mat Ward stuff

Harad Timeline tale of years

Chronicles of Middle Earth - Maethor, Son of Baranir

Scenario - Maethors Revenge

Scenario - Boromirs Charge

Scenario AT part 1 - The Salvation of Imrath

A tale of Good and Evil - Additions

All At Sea, Ship Rules for Lord of the Rings, Ships Compliment, ship sizes,

ship movement, turning chart, wind chart, batter points, all you need

Rules for Elven Mariner, Ship Captain, Human Mariner, Corsairs (again converted)

All at Sea part 2 - building ships (very nice ones too)

issue 298

Chronicles of Matt Wards Middle Earth, Drozhna

Legions of the Eye new troops, Dol Guldor Shaman, Great Uruk of Dol Guldor, Drughaz-nar Warriors,

 Mouth of Sauron, Nurn Overseer, Morgul Guard, orc of Gorgoroth,

War in Middle Earth - Games in Harad, Unstable Footing, Sandstorm,

Wild Mumak, Baking Sun, Shadow of Karna

Great battle of our time - Campaign Guidelines

issue 302 - march 2005

Darkness falls across the shire - review of making Scouring of the shire

The Battle of Bywater scenario/battle report

Scenario - Farmer Maggots Crop

Scenery Workshop, Scouring of the shire, fire damage,

Painting Hobbit characters

Scenery - making hobbit holes

The Fall of the North Kingdom (before the arnor stuff),

rules for Earnur capt. Of the white tower, Arador Chief dunedain, Arathorn,

Scenario - Ettenmoors

issue 303

Witch Realm of Angmar, Rules for Warlord of Carn dum, Warrior of Carn dum, Revenant spirit,

Specter, Spectral Warg, Dusk Wraith,

Scenario - Rise of Angmar

Shire in Winter terrain workshop

Scenario - The Fell Winter

Scenario - The Lockholes

model workshop, Warg cheiftains

issue 304

Chronicles of Middle Earth - Shire folk rules for Will Whitfoot, Ted Sandyman, Gaffer Gamgee,

Gerontius Took, Baldo Tulpenny, Lotho Sackville Baggins,

Scenario - Fall of Amon Sul

Scenario - The Battle of Fornost

Terrain - Building a Angmar Watchtower

issue 305 - June 2005

scenario - well earned reprisal, dwarves vrs easterlings

Isengard Pack - Rik Turners warg riders

Grond showcase

The Last Alliance Campaign rules

Rule for Anarion, Elendils Younger son

All the above campaigns scenarios including the Final Battle scenario.

issue 306

scenario - Fear of the Dark, Uruks vrs Tree Beard, rules for Huorn Trees

Modeling/painting Battle of Amon Hen miniatures

Some Great Uruk Scouts here

issue 307

The Return to Mount Doom, Rules for heroes fighting in the Last alliance campaign

Scenario - Siege of Batad-Dur

The might of Dwarves - tactics and models

The Ruins of Osgiliath - Creating terrain

the One Rule Book preview

Mines of Moria preview

Fellowship Journeybook preview

Golden Demon LOTR showcase

Enemy at the gates - New Siege equiptment and the rules to use them, Access platforms,

Pitch Ditch, Rallying Points, Spiked Barricades, Carcasses, Boiling Oil, Rocks, Crows cages and gibbets,

Scenario - The Siege of Berengars keep

issue 308

One Rulebook, What's Changed article

More review of Fellowship journey book and MoM set

Battle report of MOM

scenario - The Battle of Rhosgobel, Radagast, Eagles, vrs wargs, gobs

Scenario - Fiends and Fireworks, Gandalf, Dunedain, vrs Wargs and Gobs

Modeling workshop - Numenor Bridge

Scenario - The Last Bridge, Glorfindel vrs Ringwraiths

Victory Assured - Tactics for SBg

issue 309 october 2005

Into the Dark, MOM released and battle reports

Scenario - Pursued by Wolves - Bill the Pony vrs Wargs, Gobs

Bill the Pony rules

Might, Will, Fate article

Making a balins tomb

Buildings of Middle Earth, Shell template, Bree, Rohan, Gondor,

painting Legolas

Converting Battle Company Captains

issue 310

The Lurtz fire bow release month

Battle Companies Redux

Army of Elrond, Painting High Elves

Reclaiming Moria - Alternate heroes for all the MOM scenarios using Dwarves

Scenario - Fatty Bolgers Great Escape, FB, Hobbit Archers vrs Ringwraiths

Scenario - The Glory of the Elves - TLA scenario


Here GW switched to not giving LOTR it's own section in the back

now you have to look all over the issue to find the articles.

This may explain why I am missing issues here.

issue 314 march 2006

WHF article on making a dwarf hold that is great for any Dwarven scenery makers, Awesome.

Loot, Pillage and Plunder, Collecting Khand

Khandish Chariot paint and assemble

Wrath of Keiseimu - Campaign with Khand vrs Gondor

Scenarios for the above mini campaing

Warhost showcase Khand

Cirith Ungol army and tactics

Delving Deep - Final part of Warhosts series

Bitz and Pieces - 4 warhosts and what to buy to make the

issue 315 - April 2006

legions of middle earth, 4 armies

Eavy Metal showcase, Eorl, Eomer, Theoden, Eowyn, Gamling

Building Battle Fields (all games)

Easterling Showcase 9 schemes

Cirion and Madril Paint workshop

Warhost showcase

issue 316

Fall of the Necromancer release

Death in Mirkwood article, battle reports, showcases, etc.

issue 317

FotN battle report

Eavy Metal showcase - Banners of middle earth

War Host tactics Dol Guldor

Dol Guldor Scenery, trees, streams,

Warhost Tactics Elves of Mirkwood

issue 318

Wood Elves Tactics

Lair of the Spider Queen terrain show

Warhost showcase dol amroth

LoME 1 page preview

Vanguard of Mordor, Converting and Painting trolls

modifying store bought trees article

Visions of Dol guldor, Converting Erestor, Glorfindel and Castellans to new poses

issue 319 August 2006

LOME release, the army box sets, Two Towers journey book,  plastic kits long wanted, Outriders etc.

New plastic Balrog also, but I wish it had been the one from the Denizins of Moria set.

lots of LOME stuff, battle report, reveiws, Forced down your throat to buy specific, etc.

Two Towers Review, New models , ugluck, Vrasku, Theodred, Dunland,  and stuff

This game just became expensive to start if you didn't already. 

issue 320

more new models, Isen troll, Morgul stalkers, the metal ent, Veterans, DMS,

Seige of helms deep battle report

Eavy Metal showcase, the Plastic Balrog and the Denizen metal Balrog,

issue 322 November 2006

Battle report, Kill a King

Cavalry Tactics

issue 323

lord of the rings rules case release - you will need lots of books

Campaign Serpent Strikes - Khand and Harad

Building Pazghar - if you are a scenery guy, this is great

Painting Boromir

Model Showcase, converting lots of Captains

No Dawn of Man - Tactics for Legions, battle report style

issue 324

Warhosts of the Firstborn - Tactics, history and heraldry of elves

Scenario - Battle fo the Tower Hills (Awesome Elven Building BTW)

Standard Bearer talks about SBG, huh, we are going to PO some WH40K people now

Cool Mine Entrance Scenery article - for any game

issue 325

The Ruin of Arnor release, Rangers of ME plastic, Elronds sons get mounts and armor,

Gulavhar shows his face, the shades make entrance and never leave the table

full metal Arnor force released

Typical review of the book, armies and new models, battle reports,

Painting Rangers, and Arnor,

Scenery, Making the Watchtower, very cool stuff to learn here

issue 326

Khazad Dum anounced, two months advanced notice of release, not anymore.

Ancient enemies - more Arnor talk

Scenario - War in the North

Painting Gulavhar, Hint, black with grey highlights.

Scenario - The Trolls of Fornost

Amongst the Ruins, more arnor ruins

Muster the Legions - Preparing for a LOTR Tournament.

issue 327

note - Harlequin for 40 K are released, the painting articles help with paintng patterns or fine line.

Lords of Evil - Tactics for LOTR SBG evil heroes/monsters

Eavy Metal showcase - Hordes of Evil

Painting workshop, Basics of Blending, use Gandalf and Eowyn and a wraith as examples, don't miss

Back to Bases, over 20 different ways to base a model

issue 328


all the typical reviews, battle reports, model showcases

painting workshp - Dry Brushing, if you are going to do it, then do it right.

Scenery projects, columns and mirrors for moria

Painting Workshop, Flat work techniques - must read

issue 329

ROTK journey book announced (again 2 months early)

Lords of Light Tactica

Eavy Metal Showcase Gondor

issue 330

Dragons of Middle Earth

Desert Gaming Board, Harad tents,

issue 331

ROTK journeybook, Gondor in Flames sup, Fiefdom expansions models,

 morannon orcs plastic, serpent guards, others

Reviews of books and releases.

painting morannon orcs

Battle of Pelinor Battle Report

Painting Workshop - Dry Brshing - if you missed it 3 issues ago, they have more to say

issue 334

Monsters of Middle Earth Tactica

issue 335 December 2007

Serpent Kingdoms source book announced for February

Middle Earth in Flames Campaign rules, not bad either


At this point theprofiles are all over the place and you need many books to play

It will not get better either. So much for One Rule book to rule them all eh?

issue 337

Harad Source book now released. Corsairs are out, Mahud stuff, etc

Reveiws, Painting articles, battle report,

issue 339

mordor sourcebook announced for June

The Forces of Good tactics

issue 340 may 2008

Evil is thy Name - evil tactics


less and less good articles. Almost no scenery articles.  No conversion articles.

They are giving me less reasons to buy this mag.

issue 341

Mordor Sourcebook and al the models, reviews and hooplah.

issue 342 july 2008

Painting a Mordor Troll 'eavy metal

paintig workshop, Washes and Glazing, Staining

issue 343

Army worthy of Mordor, collecting

Mordor Terrain, lava and rock, twisted trees, rocky outcrops, ful lava board

issue 344

three hunters, elrond and gandalf

Council of Elrond - council of the wise, rangers of the north, gondor, Mirkwood, Dwarves,

Scenario - The Three Hunters

Scenario - In Defence of Rivendell

issue 345

Magic of Middle Earth Tactica

painting Elrond eavy metal

painting workshop, Drybrushing and overbrushing

issue 347

undying, tainted release

Black riders of Mordor article

Scenario - Sourcerer's duel

Scenario - Flight to the Ferry

Scenario - Escape from Bree

Scenario - Attack at Weathertop

A awesome article on The Perry's including a Peter Jackson article talking about them.

Hobby article - Adhesives

issue 349

Prepare for battle - Tournament Tactics LOTR

War Journal - War of the Ring is coming, so here is an article on how to buy plastic kits in tens

at this time the prices were still $25 for 24 models in most kits

issue 350

War Journal - 2 pages, they are still pumped for War of the Ring, heck we all were until we played it.

issue 351 april 2009

War of the Ring released

Army of the dead plastic, ent plastic, 3 pack command sets, sons of eorl, grey co,

citadel guard and mordor uruk 2nd blisters,

Shield bearer, amdur foot only,elven storm caller, Gandalf MT,

 Theoden Pelinor, WK MT, Halbarad 3rd model,

34 pages of War of the Rings stuff (more than any release ever!)

You don't have enough models.  We will all hang out heads and say, well forget that then.

One sample army they show is 20 boxed sets of plastic warriors, and 30 blisters,

 and that is just Gondor.  So… You are saying I need $1000 to play this game?

The armys are nice to see in this epic scale (though un realistic to attain for a fun game)

There is also a army painting article 8 pages from prime to finish.

War of the ring terrain article 6 pages not teaching you anything, just showing off.

This issue has 48 pages devoted to LOTR plus the release pages and not a single page is worth reading.

issue 352

Lore of War - War of the Ring Tactics

Rules for all the models released last month for SBG.

****NOTE RANTS****

When War of the Ring came ou, 24 models in a set cost $25.

This is when GW stopped publishing Prices in the White Dwarf mag.

This is also when those boxed sets jumped up to $30, then  $33 a box, shorty after to $35

Also no new supplement would be released for a long time.  You would need the magazine

or a pdf from GW to use the new rules in SBG games.  SBG was still the better game.

You would need ORB, 3 journey books, LOME, and 6-8 surcebooks, plus PDFs to play

or you could play War of the Ring and buy $1000 worth of models.

Thus GW drove a huge nail in th LOTR coffin but didn't know it yet.

issue 353

Galadhrim released with much applause

Full article on the Elves, show War of the Ring armies

, if you just buy 6 boxes and 9 blisters you are half way there

Full battle reports with War of the Ring.  They are still pushing this new system.

Galadhrim paint workshop, nothing great compared to past paint articles (almost dumbed down a bit)

issue 354

Galadhrim Host SBG and LOME rules. Yay we can use them now.

issue 357 Oct 2009

Golden King, Abrakhan Guard, Harad and Easterling 3 pack command

, Black Guard, Kardush, Knight of umbar, Betrayer,

Legions of theEye - Discussing the new models designs

Blood and Sand - War of the Ring campaign

issue 358 November 2009

SBG rules for using all the new models released previous month… add this to your pile

Blood and Sand - campaing revisit

painting workshop - Easterlings, not great


it has been long since a good scenery article or anything creative was in WD

I am now forcing myself to buy in hopes that content will return

And not just LOTR, other systems are not getting good articles either.

the following issue is one of the best painting issues with a lot of info in one issue.

issue 361 February 2010

Saruman orthanc mounted, Thrydan Wolfsbane, Grimbold,

Grimbolds command, Eomer Marshall, Plastic Nazgul

White Horse White Hand War of the Ring Campaign

Ask Eavy Metal article - Cloth Blending, iconography, mirrored surfaces,

 contrasting, Shading red with green, weathering,

painting horns, painting sculpted banners,

Painting Nazgul

Painting Monstrous Faces

issue 362

rules for the models released previously for SBG

Scenario - A dark Day in Rohan

War of the Ring Campaign article

War of the Ring Ary Workshop - Isengard

Painting Masterclass - Free Hand  a great read

issue 364

War of the Ring Battle Hosts book

Plastic Knights of Dol Amroth, Plastic Morgul Knights, Mauhur, mauhur command,

Duinhir, Blackroot vale, Dwimmerlaik, Faramir Capt of Ithilien

Ruins of Osgiliath, Foot command for Dol Amroth

Battlehosts design notes, - basically making you take specific troops for your WotR game.

WotR rules for Morgul Knights

painting dol amroth knights

Scenario - Blood by Moonlight (SBG osgiliath)

War of the ring scenario The Fall of Osgiliath (showing how to merge the systems)

Flight of the nazgul - showing all 9 converted to winged versions, super expensive.

WotR High Ground Battle Report

issue 365

rules for SBG games with the new models released previous month.

Scenario - Ambush in the White Mountains


With a bombardment of releases and lots of War of the Ring promotion

A huge wedge is shoved between LOTR and 40K / wHF players.

We were not exactly on the same page before, but now they hated us

and it was not our fault, we were not pushing a bad product.

and we were not going to buy into it either.

issue 369 October 2010

Kings Champion, Gundabad Blackshields, Floi, Cave Drake,

War of the Ring article - War in the Misty Mountains - only a 5 pager, Hints taken much?

issue 370

SBG rules for models released previous month

****LAST NOTES****

it is now 2014 and I have not bought an issue since 2010.  Why? 

GW, Do you wonder why?

1 - Creative articles stopped,  Scenery, conversions, new characters, scenarios

2 - you mixed LOTR in with the mag and diluted it, also upsetting the other cores.

3 - you spread the profiles over too many books and lost new players, we need new player growth

cutting off a new players ability to play the game hurt big.

4 - You dropped a new system that would be cool, but made our armies seem tiny

we didn't want to play the game if we couldn't play it right.

So many people stayed with SBG.  You did this to yourself.

5 - you made us pay the price for War of the Rings failure

you cut all support, stopped all articles, stopped making supplements.

and stopped making releases… what did we do to you?

We were happily playing SBG and you screwed us because we didn't want your

mega battle game, the armies were too big for players to make

and even harder to transport to a game center to use, if you found another

person with an army that size of course.  Seriously, what did you expect us to do?


Stop the 5 issues and the vissions now. It is faiure.

invest in creative side again.

in any game system, once a army is built you can play and play

so you want me to buymore?  Give me a better reason, not a new army

not a new book… don't throw my favorite models rules away…

instead, show me how to convert new units, show me ways tomake new heroes,

show me how to make cool scenery so I want to showcase mymodels

show me how to sculpt…

Then give me new models and new rules. 

People want the most for their money, if you don't give it to them

and still charge more than double your old prices, then the value is not there

 and then we don't want to buy it.  Give value to your kits again.

$25 for 24 plastic warriors was Ok with you for 10 years and then suddenly

you needed $35 for 12 plastic warriors from the same mold.

What are we paying for? Is there a new Yacht you need, did one

of your kids need to go to Harvard? I just don't see what the huge

hike was for on old kits.  I also don't know why ou continue to punish SBG

players now with the hobbit stuff, youcan see your own releases in the

timeline above.  You used to release and support almost every month

you gave content, you gave scenarios, you showcased paint schemes

you kept us interested.

now you don't care at all.  Again, What did we do?

Is it because we didn't buy War of the Ring?

Sorry, I apologise. I did buy WotR. 

Is it because I didn't buy 6 mumaks and 25 boxes of warriors of harad

and 35 blisters of elites just to play Blood in the Sands campaign?

I tried, I got 3 mumaks, give me a break will ya?

Stop punishing us GW, WotR was not our fault.

And there are very few people who can buy the armies you showcase for

that game system. 

If you thought 15-18 year olds were going to walk into a GW store and

drop $1000-2000 on models and books, well you were smoking something

in those meetings.  Kids have $25 pocket cash a week, if you want a taste

of that allowance money or the parents concent money, then you need

to make products that fit that price range, and you need to make

games that with a few purchases a new player can get into.

Please consider it.