Painted Miniatures

By Sithious

Mordor Trolls

Many of these are custom.  The Troll Kit comes with 3 sets of arms, Tree heads, and of course only one body.  So I did make a few bodies, my sculpting is better on some than others.  I used tricks like pants to cover up unease with sculpting legs right.  Feet I got down ok.  The scales on the back I think took me till the last few to figure out a good quick way to do, so there are a few versions of that on the way to the goal.  I don't care, they all look good to me.  There are 14 mordor trolls, check them all out, see who your favorite is.


Drummer - keep them trolls marching

Troll Warriors

Below are both metal models from the original troll kit. 

Back to the plastic kit and customs.

Below are two metal models, they came with the Mordor Catapult.  Awesome!!!

More plastic kit / customs.

Isengard Trolls